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CaReSyAn in its final months: impressions of our ESR students



It is hard to believe that it has already been three years since the start of this successful ITN project, CaReSyAn. Regardless of the far distances between our ESRs and the complicated conditions of the COVID pandemic, so many fruitful collaboration has been made and a lot of successful projects started together! And, most of all, the strong friendship that this project helped to establish is difficult to overestimate. Thus, the feelings on the final CaReSyAn meeting, that took place online on 30.09-01.10, were highly mixed. It was fantastic to see all the participants present together again and listen to the final summaries of the amazing projects that our ESRs worked on so hard during this time. On the other hand, for most it was also very sad to realize that this was the final official meeting of the great program and that this wonderful period of our lives was coming to an end. Nevertheless, thanks to the tight contacts established throughout the project, it can be said with confidence that this was definitely not the last meeting for our ESRs and their supervisors to come together to discuss science and new ideas! After all, everyone is looking forward to the exiting new possibilities that this project has opened up.


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