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Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

It is time to meet our #MSCA #ITN fellow of the week, Rogier Veltrop!

Before being selected for the position in the Caresyan Itn project under the supervision of Dr. Noels and Prof. Jankowski at the Uniklinik RWTH Aachen 🇩🇪, Rogier worked as a research assistant in the field of molecular cell biology, and obtained an MSc in the Biomedical Sciences programme at Maastricht University (NL) and Hasselt University (BE).

Rogier’s research project, CaReSyAn, aims to reduce cardiovascular burden. Rogier, who himself received a heart transplant in 2015 due to cardiac failure, has decided to focus on the responsible underlying mechanisms and mediators of cardiac pathology. By investigating the effect of extracellular vesicles on cardiomyocytes (cardiac muscle cells), he will help understand the pathophysiology of the cardiorenal syndrome. Rogier has already succeeded in making beating cardiomyocytes from induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC), just from a tube of blood, and was awarded a HS-BAFTA for this achievement.

Rogier has also taken part in many outreach activities. As the CaReSyAn project representative, he made flyers, created the Twitter and Facebook pages, tutored students, supervised graduation projects and helped his colleagues in and outside the programme. Recently, he gave three lab tours to high school pupils interested in his field of research.

This is Rogier’s insight as MSCA fellow:

“Interactions between MSCA Fellows across Europe give this PhD project a breath of fresh air. I have met PhD students from many different universities and countries over the years, which has allowed me to do research in several countries and practice different languages. Moreover, The MSCA-ITN project CaReSyAn provides the infrastructure and funding needed for this cutting-edge research leading to innovative therapies. I feel privileged to be in this MSCA-ITN project.”

Learn more about Rogier’s research: Cordis: Homepage CaReSyAn : Twitter: @CaReSyAn_IMCAR Facebook: @caresyan Podbean: Youtube:


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