CaReSyAn 1st Regular meeting, Agenda, August 24, 2018, Frankfurt, Germany

Venue: Lufthansa Konferenzhotel in Seeheim (

Integrated within the “Joint Summer School of the graduate schools SFB/TRR219 IRTG, CaReSyAn, INTRICARE & EURLipids and integrating the first Workshop of CaReSyAn – August 23-25, 2018


14:00 Prof. Joachim Jankowski (UKA) & Dr. Heidi Noels (UKA)


14:15 ESR1 – GiuliaIlaria Bagarolo (UKA); Prof. Joachim Jankowski Plasma peptidomics for the identification of CRS biomarkers

14:20 ESR2 – Eleni Petra (BRFAA); Prof. Antonia Vlahou Plasma and tissue proteomics for the identification of CRS biomarkers

14:25 ESR3 – Name (MOS); Prof. Harald Mischak - Urine peptidomics for the identification of CRS biomarkers

14:30 ESR4 – Els Genbrugge (MUW); Prof. Georg Heinze CRS network models to assess the value of biomarker candidates in diagnostic and predictive signatures of CRS

14:35 ESR5 – Name (UM); Prof. A. Lajoix & Prof. A. Argiles - Strategies to interfere with pathological mechanisms of CRS

14:40 ESR6 – Ana Amaya (INSERM); Dr. Julie Klein & Prof. Joost Schanstra The role of identified biomarker candidates in CRS pathology

14:45 ESR7 – Nikolas Rapp (CARIM); Prof. Leon Schurgers Effect of uremia on vascular calcification and CRS pathology

14:50 ESR8 – Sofia de la Puente (UKA); Prof. Jürgen Floege Vascular calcification in CRS

14:55 ESR9 – Name (CARIM); Prof. Erik Biessen – Post-translational modifications of calcification regulators in CRS

15:00 ESR10 – Sam Hobson (KI); Prof. Peter Stenvinkel Premature vascular aging in CRS patients

15:05 ESR11 – Rogier Veltrop (UKA); Dr. Heidi Noels Effect of uremia on cardiac pathology

15:10 Coffee break


15:30 Dora Togia (EXEL)

EU regulations: CaReSyAn delivers (Current state & concrete actions in 2018)

16:00 Prof. Joachim Jankowski & Dr. Heidi Noels (UKA)

Training program of CaReSyAn (Overview for ESRs & concrete actions in 2018)

16:30 Prof. Joachim Jankowski & Dr. Heidi Noels (UKA)

Dissemination & Outreach (Concrete actions)

16:45 Questions, Partner discussions & Feedback

From 18:00 See main program summer

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