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INSERM presents CaReSyAn to the general public and students

INSERM represented CaReSyAn during:

· the  “Nuit européenne des chercheurs” (General public, September 2018, During this event the team presented to the general public (children and adults) how the kidney works and what happens if the kidney fails. A total of 2 700 visitors attended to the entire event of which about 100 visited our stand.

· the “Fête de la Science” (high school students visiting the laboratory, October 2018). Here a class of high school students (about 25 children aged 16-28) visited the laboratory and did a number of experiments including determining the amount of protein in urine.

·  the “Futurapolis” meeting (General public, children and adults, November 2018).  In this morning session we presented to about 30 visitors our large-scale model of the kidney and how it purifies the blood and what happens if it fails


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