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Interactive Workshops on Career Orientation

February-March 2021


The Karolinska Institute, partner in our CaReSyAn consortium, organized two interactive workshops on Career Orientation.

A first workshop focused on „Self exploration using business methodologies“, offering a hands-on opportunity to creatively apply entrepreneurial tools and business methodologies on oneself to assess own potential and ambitions, explore career opportunities and design a strategy on how to get there.


A second workshop focused on „Skills for health care transformation“. Health care is transforming. As we are facing new challenges, boosting soft skills capabilities can help you to take an active leadership role in the coming transformation. This hands-on workshop gave the opportunity to work with practical applications to meet the new demands in actively building up, managing and engaging ones soft skills portfolio. Also, it offered tools to deal with complexity and adapting to the “new normal” in health care.

Altogether, these workshops aimed at supporting also our CaReSyAn ESRs in their own career orientation.


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