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Online Scientific & Career Workshop

October 30-31, 2020

On October 30th and 31st, members of CaReSyAn ITN could participate in an online scientific and career workshop jointly organized by ITN CaReSyAn and fellow PhD students of the German SFB/TRR219 graduate school. During the first day of the workshop, members of SFB/TRR219, CaReSyAn as well as several other international consortia (ITN INTRICARE, Euregio EURLIPIDS) could share their projects with the peers in a special format which allowed them to indicate points they would appreciate help with and what they can offer to their colleagues instead. The feedback for this format was greatly positive and ended up strongly facilitating scientific collaborations. The second day of the workshop, on the other hand, was fully dedicated to personal development with the help of Dr. Gaby Schilling, a career trainer and coach from Kepos ( It is important to balance personal life and work and understand one’s individual personality traits and values, which will help one to succeed at his/ her position and improve wellbeing. This was the goal of the workshop and was found immensely helpful by the participants.


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