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WP2 Project management, dissemination & exploitation

WP2 - Project management, dissemination & exploitation [Months: 1-48]


Description and role of beneficiaries / partner organizations:

Task 1.1: Project management (UKA1, M1-48):

- Coordinate contractual issues, ESR recruitment and Researcher Declarations on Conformity.

- Coordinate periodic network meetings.

- Coordinate annual progress reports and control financial management.

- Manage gender issues and issues related to balancing career and family.

Task 1.2: Project outreach & dissemination (UKA1, M1-48): A detailed Outreach and Dissemination Plan will be designed (outreach) and (dissemination). The plans will be coordinated and updated together with all partners biyearly during the network meetings to insure timely implementation.

Task 1.3: Project exploitation (UKA1, M1-48): A Dissemination & IPR Team will be assigned to coordinate all IPR and exploitation issues.

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