WP3 Training

WP3 - Training [Months: 1-48]


Description and role of ESRs / beneficiaries / partner organizations:

Task 2.1: Set-up and bi-annual updating of ESR Personal Career Development Plans (PCDPs) reporting all training and secondment activities (all partners, M6-48).

Task 2.2: Organize all training activities (workshops, complementary skills courses, webinars, hands-on training courses). These will be summarized in an intermediate (M24) and final (M48) Training Report summarizing all accomplished training activities, with updated PCDPs (all partners, M1-48).

Task 2.3: Take measures to improve structured doctoral training on European level. These actions will be summarized in the final Training Report (UKA1, all partners, M1-48).

Task 2.4: Award doctoral degrees (all partners, M48).

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